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It just takes that little extra...

In an ever expanding world of gym wear, it is very easy to find yourself scrolling through a never ending list of active wear trying to understand the fancy descriptions that they come with.

The Ember Collection is the latest collection that's been added to Emoni Fit. As you may already know, to make sure you are able to fully get the most of your workout, we only add the most innovative, high-quality active wear to our collection. That being said, the Ember Leggings combines the latest innovation in sportswear technology to give you our most comfortable leggings yet.

As we are heading into the cooler months, many people (me included) tend to ditch the colorful patterned leggings and tops for more subtle tones and designs. Following this trend, The Ember Leggings come in Midnight Black and a soft Plumful color.

I know what you're thinking.. Colors.. Great, but how about the design?

Don't worry, just like our Seamless Flex Collection, these are also designed with a contour detailing to help enhance the glutes and help give it a nice round shape so you get that "she squats" type of look.

Now, let's talk about the feel...

Fashioned in a way that causes the fabric to feel lightweight, these leggings feel much more softer than some of your other "everyday" type  of leggings.  However, just because they are soft and lightweight, does not mean they can't handle a good session at the gym. They are squat proof and designed to endure various exercises ranging from a hard core workout session at the gym to a relaxing yoga session with your girls at the beach. Whatever activity you choose, these will become your go to leggings. Trust me.

Now, let's do some shopping!

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