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2020 is here and if you are like most of us then you have said to yourself "This year will be different" more than once. Maybe you have even thought and written some goals down that you'd like to achieve, but how many of those goals actually ended up having a check mark next to them? So why not determine this year to be different with a few helpful tips from us at Emoni Fit.

  • First and foremost you need to write your goals down!

So often we think about the things we want to accomplish/do but we never end up actually writing them down. Why is that bad? Well, you forget about them! It's so important to write each goal down so you are able to not only see them but you are able to go back and review them when needed.

  • Set specific realistic and attainable goals that are measurable.

No, this does not mean lower your bar or settle for less than you believe you deserve or want. This simply means setting goals that you are actually able to accomplish within the period of time that you choose. Often times we give up due to the fact that we feel like we are not seeing any results. Setting measurable goals can eliminate that factor and help you see that you are on the right track.

  • Reward yourself!

Stop being so hard on yourself! Be proud of yourself. Each step you take towards accomplishing those goals and when you reach them. You did good and a reward is something that you genuinely deserve.


These are just a few tips we wanted to share with you. If you have any additional tips you believe are important when it comes to setting and achieving goals leave a comment below. Also, feel free to share some of your new year goals. Who knows who you might inspire!


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