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Our Story


Hello and welcome to Emoni Fit!

Maybe you arrived here through my Instagram channel, or you heard or read about Emoni Fit and wanted to purchase some cute active wear; however you landed on my site, I want to introduce you to me and my company.

Emoni Fit isn't just a store that sells clothing, we embody a philosophy of "Go against the grain" to live the healthiest, happiest, most fulfilled life possible.

Let me share with you a little bit about myself and my products.

Me: I was born in Lithuania, and have been interested in health and fitness since arriving to America when I was 13 years old. Growing up, I nurtured my interest in living the healthy lifestyle by being involved with volleyball teams all throughout my high school years. Continuing my education, I enrolled in the International University of Art and Design in Miami Florida to study Fashion Merchandising while on the side training where my interest in fashion and healthy lifestyle combined and continued to grow. In 2020 I received my certifications for Personal Training as well as Nutritional coaching from ISSA.

My Products:  As my passion for fitness grew, I started to realize there are so many cute active wear pieces out there, but they are pricey. I wanted to create a brand that brought those cute, bold, fun pieces but at prices that everyone is able to afford. I do not believe you need to lower the quality to make it affordable. So I went on a search to learn different fabrics and designs. After many failed samples, I finally made my first pair of leggings that I was satisfied with: The Emma Cropped Leggings.

I couldn't have done this without Tony (@Tailored Push Instagram). Tony is a personal trainer and an expert in the area of Dynamic strength, Balance and Flexibility training, Nutritional coaching, and FATloss management. He has contributed a lot of ideas that Emoni Fit has implemented. Along with that, he is also credited for the name "Emoni Fit". Without him, Emoni Fit wouldn't exist.

If you want to get to know some fun personal facts about me, click this link. I hope you can feel and see that I am committed to, and care about my customers. I understand how clothing has an impact on how we feel about ourselves and can help counteract appearance-related insecurities—and I want that confidence for my customers. As a woman with a lifelong passion for wellness, fashion, and just living your most fulfilled life, I hope you can feel all the love I put into each and every Emoni Fit product.