About Us

Hello and welcome to Emoni Fit!


Emoni Fit is all about helping you discover your potential. Our vision is to build a movement towards bettering yourself. This is a place of equality and empowerment.

Our sportswear is designed to make you feel confident in the gym and everyday life. We stand by our affordable prices without sacrificing the quality. Each piece is designed with fabric that feels good and makes working out easy in. We try to launch something new every month, so you always workout in style.

I hope you can feel and see that we are committed to, and care about our customers. We offer easy, free exchanges and returns as well as free shipping. It is one way we strive to bring more smiles in the world.

We understand how clothing has an impact on how we feel about ourselves and can help counteract appearance-related insecurities—and we want that confidence for you.

Yours truly,

Emoni Fit Family 

* None of this would be possible without Antonio Alvarez (Instagram: @Tailored Push ). He is a personal trainer and an expert in the area of Dynamic strength, Balance and Flexibility training. He has contributed a lot of ideas that Emoni Fit has implemented. Along with that, he is also credited for the name "Emoni Fit".

For Personal Training you can contact him directly on his Instagram or send us an email and we will help you get in touch with him.